New Collection Online Now!

New Collection Online Now!

All of us at King Baby are excited to announce that our new line is officially on the King Baby Website. Now is the time to shop Mitchell’s new exotic creations and add that special piece to your own King Baby collection. Each individual piece is hand crafted right here at our Santa Monica studio.  We use rare and worldy materials ranging from fossilized Ivory, Jet (Petrified wood), ancient Byzantine crosses and hand carved Brazilian quartz making each piece unique and in limited supply.  Check out the collection today at

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Sterling silver rings, beaded bracelets by  King Baby Studio.

King Baby Day of the Dead skull bracelet. Sterling silver, hand made in USA.

King Baby Leather journal. Hand made in USA

King Baby Leather Journal with hand carved cross and silver snaps. Made in USA

King Baby Leather Satchel with hand carved eagle.
To view the  new King Baby collection please visit