RECAP: King Baby South’s “Rockin’ Pin Up Night”

It was an evening of girls, rockabilly music, cars, motorcycles and beer.  It was King Baby South’s first “Rockin’ Pin Up Night” and what a night it was.  Hosted by Shannon Million, Nashville’s rockin’ pin up,  and Sort Out This Cellars, the event was a huge success.  Girls strutted their stuff in the pin up contest while some of Nashville’s best rockabilly bands kept the place grooving.  The bands were Jane Rose & The Deadend Boys, Chris Casello Trio and Hellfire Revival.  If you have never heard of these groups, check them out.  They put on one heck of a show!  The crowd was great and we made a lot of new friends!  We can’t wait to do it again!  Check out some of the pictures below and more on our Facebook page!

ImageRoad HoImageMitchell and Amanda

ImagePacked House

ImageHellfire Revival

ImageThe contestants, who do you think won?

ImageMiss King Baby South!


King Baby in the Fast Lane


Recently, King Baby has partnered with Rolex Series racing champion and Sigal Sport team manager, Gene Sigal.  Gene, being a long time fan of King Baby, has always wanted to show his love for the brand and finally has with his new King Baby adorned Porsche!  Within the last year, Gene is back to racing stronger than ever!  Watch out for this road hog!


King Baby Goes Western!

ImageOn September 6th, the King Baby team will head to Denver, CO to take part in the historical WESA trade show.  Thousands of retailers from all over the world will gather to showcase their newest lines.  Focused towards the western community, the King Baby booth will exhibit the new revolver pendants, bullet pendants, and belt buckles in addition to our entire collection.

Enamel belt buckle with matching cuff links.
Bullet Pendants.
Classic Sterling Silver Revolver Pendant.
Revolver Pendant with Black CZ grip.

King Baby of the Road: Project & Home Again

This past Saturday Mitchell and Ed took their Harley’s and headed on up to Las Vegas to meet the King Baby team at Project Las Vegas.

They finally made it in to their hotel in the early afternoon and got some much needed rest after a quick trip around the hotel.


After a long day of setting up the team went out for a celebratory dinner at The Palms in Caesars Palace.  Izzy, The Palms manager and long time King Baby fan, surprised everyone with something he’d been working on for a while.  A super cool caricature of Mitchell decked out in his King Baby jewelry and featuring his classic King Baby Chosen Skull Ring.



The following morning the booth at Project was all set up and ready to rock showcasing our newest designs.  In addition to our new jewelry we’ve got vintage canvas bags with leather trim, women’s gator clutch purses, and some cool custom hand tooled leather home items.




Mitchell found some time in the day to walk the Project show and also got a chance to check out the new Liberty Fairs  show looking to find some cool new lifestyle items to stock at our King Baby Stores in Santa Monica, Nashville, & Las Vegas.


Finshing up in Las Vegas the boys decided it was time to head home and bring this ride to an end.

After navigating through the heaviest traffic of the ride, Mitchell and Ed arrived at King Baby Santa Monica early afternoon on the 8th day and they were all smiles.




8 states in 8 days.  2100+ miles.
8 states in 8 days. 2100+ miles.

King Baby of the Road: Day 6

Mitchell & Ed are on the home stretch from Arizona to Las Vegas!  They stopped off in Winslow to get some photo ops.




"Standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona" - MB
“Standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona” – MB

We’ve heard people say that a cross country motorcycle ride can be cleansing for the soul .  Well literally Mitch and Ed are getting cleansed because these boys have be chased by rain this entire ride.

A new rain storm developed over Flagstaff – MB

After being doused things began to clear when they got to Seligman, AZ which is the birth place of the historic Route 66.  The road that our guys have been on since Nashville.


Almost there only about 200 more miles to go!

King Baby of the Road 5

Mitchell and Ed woke up today, Day 5, in the Southwest sun of New Mexico.

After a quick morning coffee they decided to hit the town and see some of the local flavor.



Mitchell ran into his good friend Cody Sanderson, Navajo jeweler and tried on some of his pieces.




They also linked up with another artist Nevena of Rocketbuster to check out her amazing custom cowboy boots.




Turn of the century hand woven rug

Now on the open road to Grants Pass, the boys are taking in the BIG SKY overhead.


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King Baby of the Road: Day 4

Barreling down the historic Route 66, Mitchell and Ed have journeyed through parts unknown.  Over half way to Project Las Vegas, our fearless road warriors have made it to Santa Fe, NM.





Now comfortably settled at a friend’s house, they are headed down to the Plaza to check out the scene.

"Made it to my buddy's house in Santa Fe." - MB
“Made it to my buddy’s house in Santa Fe.” – MB
Loretto Chappel Santa Fe
Loretto Chappel Santa Fe

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Today is day 3 of King Baby designer/owner Mitchell Binder’s ride West.   Mitchell and Ed are moving across the country at a steady pace heading towards Las Vegas for Project on their trusted Harley Road Glides.

After being chased by storms late last night, and having to wait the rain out at rest stops along I-40, they settled in at a motel in Oklahoma.


IMG-20130813-000132013-08-13 18.18.59

Starting today off early, the two hit the road and found some colorful diner decor and folk art.

Mitchell got some great photos over at the famous Cherokee Restaurant in Calumet, OK.


That looks familiar
That looks familiar
By the looks of it he’s really taking advantage of his ride grabbing the bull…i mean…the buffalo by the horns.

Last update we’ve gotten is that Mitchell and Ed just crossed the state line and are now in Big Ole Texas which means they are roughly 850 miles into their journey.  Only 950 more miles to go guys!



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King Baby of the Road: Day 2

Yesterday, designer and owner, Mitchell Binder hit the road with a hunger for adventure and a thirst for inspiration.  He and travel companion, Ed, headed west towards their first destination, Memphis, TN.  After riding through some of Tennessee’s finest rain showers, Mitchell and Ed made it to Jackson “soaking wet,”  with no other choice but to dry off, and take in some of the local flavor.


The weather subsided, and they continued on to Memphis for the night.

Up early today, and with good weather, Mitchell and Ed started heading through Arkansas.

A new King Baby piece?

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King Baby of the Road


Designer and owner, Mitchell Binder, is on tour!  Harnessing the spirit of the 1960s classic “Easy Rider,” he and his friend, Ed, are taking the motorcycle journey of a lifetime! En route from King Baby’s Nashville location taking the original Route 66 to Project Las Vegas, and then Santa Monica, CA, Mitchell has set out to see the country side, and seek inspiration for the newest King Baby collection!

Keep a look out for these guys!

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