King Baby Custom Harley: Work in Progress

The King Baby Custom Harley is nearly finished! The boys brought the bike into the shop to try out the custom leather seat and new sterling silver oil cap. After Mitch took some design notes, the bike was then taken back for the finished touches… check back for shots of the finished Harley!

kingbaby, forthechosenfew, harley

Here’s a detail of the King Baby leather seat that was fashioned in our shop.

kingbaby, forthechosenfew, harley

Check out that oil cap detail!

kingbaby, forthechosenfew, harley

Mitch taking notes and discussing the finishing touches yet to be completed.

kingbaby, forthechosenfew, harley


King Baby of the Road: Project & Home Again

This past Saturday Mitchell and Ed took their Harley’s and headed on up to Las Vegas to meet the King Baby team at Project Las Vegas.

They finally made it in to their hotel in the early afternoon and got some much needed rest after a quick trip around the hotel.


After a long day of setting up the team went out for a celebratory dinner at The Palms in Caesars Palace.  Izzy, The Palms manager and long time King Baby fan, surprised everyone with something he’d been working on for a while.  A super cool caricature of Mitchell decked out in his King Baby jewelry and featuring his classic King Baby Chosen Skull Ring.



The following morning the booth at Project was all set up and ready to rock showcasing our newest designs.  In addition to our new jewelry we’ve got vintage canvas bags with leather trim, women’s gator clutch purses, and some cool custom hand tooled leather home items.




Mitchell found some time in the day to walk the Project show and also got a chance to check out the new Liberty Fairs  show looking to find some cool new lifestyle items to stock at our King Baby Stores in Santa Monica, Nashville, & Las Vegas.


Finshing up in Las Vegas the boys decided it was time to head home and bring this ride to an end.

After navigating through the heaviest traffic of the ride, Mitchell and Ed arrived at King Baby Santa Monica early afternoon on the 8th day and they were all smiles.




8 states in 8 days.  2100+ miles.
8 states in 8 days. 2100+ miles.

From Classic Rocker to Pro Bowl Ballers KING BABY ROCKS!

Billy Gibbons and Mitchell Binder

Check out Mr. Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top during his private visit to our Santa Monica shop.  Not only were we pleased to have one of our all time favorite rockers in to check out what we do here, we were so stoked that he loved everything!  From our classic King Baby Core to our new Industrial Romance Collection we made sure we got him outfitted in the coolest jewelry around.

Dashon Goldson visits Mitchell Binder at King Baby Studio Dashon Goldson and Ben Binder

We met Dashon Goldson, safety for the San Francisco 49ers, out in Sin City during the Project Tradeshow.  He loved what we do and we invited him to Santa Monica to see us in action.  This L.A. native got the full King Baby Experience including the tour, met Ben and Mitchell, and spent sometime in our showroom.  Can’t wait to see him rocking his pieces in the Bay Area!

A huge thanks to Billy and Dashon for stopping in and of course you’re welcome back anytime!




You can also find the King Baby collection at Saks Fifth Avenue stores in Atlanta, Beverly Hills, Chicago, Houston, Las Vegas, New Orleans, New York, San Fransisco, South Coast Plaza and Tampa.


Check out what Drew Barrymore is wearing!   She’s rocking a custom made King Baby Studio LOVE/HATE Four-Fingered Ring!! We linked up with stylist Alicia Lombardini not too long ago and she told us about Drew’s new project. She was making her music video directorial debut for the indie darlings Best Coast and their song ‘Our Deal’. Well we jumped on this fashion driven project and supplied this awesome ring that supports the video’s narrative.  Click the links below to see Drew wearing our ring and describing the wardrobing of this modern day telling of Westside Story starring Miranda Cosgrove, Chloe Moretz, and Donald Glover to name a few.

Drew Barrymore King Baby Ring

Love/Hate Ring by King Baby Studio for Drew Barrymore


Click the image above to see the close of image of Mr. Tom Cruise as Stacee Jaxx, a role he took on in his 2012 movie Rock of Ages.  Not only is Tom Cruise singing in this movie (he’s vocal coach is none other than Meatloaf) but he is wearing King Baby Studio in this promo image.  The shirtless, tatted, and long haired Tom is wearing our For The Chosen Few Vintage Coin Cuff and our iconic Crown Ring.  Can’t wait to see more images from the movie and to hear Stacee Jaxx in action!!


We are over the moon and under the sun with the fact that we had at our Santa Monica Showroom, a personal visit from Mr. Howard Stern.  This is an ICON that we respect not only for his humor but also for the fact that he is (like Mitchell) a self-made success, and a straight shooter pull no punches kind of guy! 

What a whirlwind of a year so far! Just know there’s only more greatness to come, more celeb meetings, and most importantly LOTS MORE KING BABY JEWELRY to spin your world!!

Thanks again to Howard, Beth and Ralph for stopping by and know that you are welcome always!


King Baby Fender Jewelry

So in case you haven’t heard yet 2 major forces have collided and are causing a major jewelry storm.  ‘Is this the reason for all of the strange weather lately?’ you may ask yourself and the answer could very well be yes.  KING BABY STUDIO has had the pleasure of designing an exclusive, coveted, collectible collection of jewelry with inspiration direct from the historical lineage of Fender Guitar.  Mitchell, our King, has always been inspired by music and especially as our famous ring states the proud genre of *ahem* ROCK N’ FUCKIN ROLL.  So lets dive into some the background of how this collection got put together…

Fender By King Baby Guitars

Fender by King Baby Skull Ring

Fender by King Baby Grenade Pendant

Fender by King Baby Skull Pendant

Fender by King Baby Jewelry Pick Pendant

Fender by King Baby Buckle

Fender by King Baby Jewelry Gas Mask Pendant

Being that Fender encompasses 60 plus year of musical legendary ( I realize that is slightly a word but the epic nature of the situation lends itself to creative license) the Fender by King Baby line spans all eras.  From a vintage crowned microphone that would have been used to record blues legends like Booker T. Jones, to a bad ass majorly detailed gas mask (that’s already blowing off the shelves at our Mojitos store at Wynn) that gives a great HEY HO! to the punk anti-establisment mentality.  We’ve also got an homage to Bruno Mars’s favorite guitar the famous Fender Stratocaster with wings!

Every single piece is harolded as a triumph from design to wax carving to casting to polishing.

Making of Fender by King Baby Jewelry Skull Ring

Each piece makes sure the music lover in all of us is being honored as you wear your Fender by King Baby with pride.

Fender by King Baby Jewelry Casting

So if your salivating for the collection like we are the collection will be hitting the shelves of Neiman Marcus, Holt Renfrew and a few speciality boutiques world wide OR you can see it on our King Baby Studio website.

The Making of the King Baby Espresso Coffee Set

I love espresso! So of course it was a natural to make a unique espresso set King Baby Style. The pic below is of the hand carved wax cups that are being prepped to cast in silver. I thought it would be cool to use the Day of the Dead motif for this project and couldn’t resist making the cups skulls. Am I the only one that thinks drinking espresso out of a skull makes sense?

Wax King Baby cup molds

The coffee pot itself was very challenging. We made it out of a single sheet of sterling silver. Very thick, very heavy and of course we had to make sue that there were no leaks.

The ebony wood handle is supported by the silver skull ring that is soldered on to the pot. This keeps the handle cool and is strong enough to support the pot when it’s filled with coffee. The picture shows the pot oxidized (black) before any polishing has taken place.

Fresh out of casting with a couple of spoons.

This shows a bit of detail of the tray. I used the same skulls and hand hammered flat wire to create the scroll work. We piece all this together like a puzzle and then solder them in place onto the tray.

Detail of the Skull cup with ebony wood handle to keep the handle cool to the touch.

Here’s the finished set all together. 4 cups, spoons and the pot on the silver tray. Coffee never tasted so good….

This set finds it’s home on the King Baby yacht. Not too bad. I have only made three of these complete sets and all are signed and numbered on the bottom of the tray. Enjoy!
Interested in getting your own Custom King Baby Espresso Set? Call us at 310.828.4438 for more info and pricing!