1. Mitch and Team,

    After years if being a fan, I finally got the chance to tour your Santa Monica Studios last week. I was with my two daughters, and we got to tour the studio, and of course meet the crew. I know you must get tons of fan mail and silly notes from fans and others. However, after a great visit, I feel I must share this with you. I am a 47 year old Dr./Professor of business in San Diego, (But I’ve always considered myself to be a older rock star at heart) .

    I travel frequently and always try to catch people doing the right things, well. Mitch, your staff, and facility exemplify this idea. They are courteous, enjoyable and friendly. Your products speak for themselves, they are fabulous. However, it is the staff the makes the memories of a visit. I get paid to teach small businesses to try and do what you are doing, and doing well.

    Your products have become part of my family, tradition in a sense. Five years ago, after a divorce, I took my daughters (now 13 and 15) to Disney for a weekend. While there, in downtown Disney, my daughter fell in love with a king baby skull dog tag…..So I bought it for her. My girls noticed that I was staring at a gold king baby skull with ruby eyes. Long story short, they put their spending money together ($34) and told me they wanted to buy it for me. I bought it, and without them knowing paid the difference. I have never taken it off since. Since then, I have gotten king baby products (tee shirts, belts, brackets, even a hoody) for presents from others as they see me always wearing the skull.

    On our visit, I got us all bracelets, and the girls love them. It has become kind of a family crest; even my girl friend and her sister now have queen baby products. I want to thank you and your team again. We may not be stars, but we were treated as if we were. I had only a brief glance of you as you were chatting with your crew when I stepped outside to smoke, but hopefully on our next visit we can chat..

    Sincerely the Poet Family

    Anthony Poet

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