It’s that time of year yet again!  The time for us to shed that extra layer of clothing, the time for us to lighten our locks, the time to freshen-up and refresh our wardrobe with new King and Queen Baby

For example we’ve got King and Queen Stackable Rings, and our new industry-innovative King and Queen Pyramid Studded Rings and Cuffs!  We’ve also got turquoise, lapis, tigers eye, rose quartz and so many more pieces to keep you, as always, the “coolest kid on the block”.

This year we’re even expanding your jewelry vocabulary. Introducing VERMEIL pronounced “Vehr-MAY” by King Baby!  What is that you ask?  Its a meticulously scientific process of bringing your extremely high quality gold at a price point you will love!!  Vermeil is technically at least a 10k gold overlay directly on .925 Sterling Silver, but we take it WAY further.  We use are using 18K GOLD in our vermeil making the richness and color quality of our gold pop and shine over our hand melted, hand cast King Baby Studio designs!

Throw in Fender by King Baby and this is just a snapshot of what we have for you this Spring!  So hop on over to www.KingBabyStudio.com and take a look! 

Spring has officially SPRUNG!


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